Factors that contribute to injury. 25 factors identified in the literature/research

Count how many you may have and add the total score up, multiply by four. This gives you your risk of running injury. ie 10 factors= 40% or moderate chance of injury during training

#1-25 Injury Factors Assessment

1 Age >35yo

2 Weight vs Height >25BMI

3 Previous activity low 1-3 years prior

4 Previous activity low Last 12 months

5 Running History (1yr) Yes/No

6 Longstanding Injury Yes/No

7 Recent Injury (8 weeks) Yes/No

8 Rehab of past injury Yes/No

9 Discomfort or pain post run(s) Yes/No

10 Shoes Poor/Good

11 Surface Hardness Hard/Soft

12 Surface banked/sloped Yes/No

13 Multiple Hills/Downhills Yes/No

14 Weather >25C and <5C Yes/No

15 Running Clothing Appropriate?

16 Dynamic warm-up and cool down Yes/No

17 Hydration and fueling Appropriate?

18 Pace and rating of perceived exertion Ideal?

19 Distance >1/3 of weekly volume in one run Yes/No

20 Speedwork >2x week Yes/No

21 Volume >10% increase per-week Yes/No

22 Rest days/weeks and rehab Yes/No

23 Cross training Yes/No

24 Poor running form Yes/No

25 Competitiveness Yes/No

Total Risk Factors x4= % of running injury (

Running Injury Questionnaire

0-25%= Low Risk

25-50%= Low to Moderate Risk

50-75%= Moderate to High Risk

75-100%= High risk